Hon. Abdul Turay of Constituency 105 urges government for development

18. 08. 13
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Member of Parliament of constituency 105,Western Rural District, Hon. Abdul Turay during a debate in Parliament has called on government to consider development for his constituency at Waterloo Rural District.

Speaking at the well of Parliament, theMember of Parliament pleaded with president Bio’s government to see the need to improve on the livelihood of its people, taking into consideration the poverty level at that part of the country.

He pinpointed that, there is a need for additional building for the maternity health center atTombo Community and to increase medical staff like nurses to support the free health care and admitted patients.

He urged government to increased medical supplies such as drugs and other necessary medical materials considering the populations growth in the community.

He said the Tombo community is rich in fishing  and said, if greater attention is paid  government could derived a lot of revenue.

Other areas in the constituency he said, needs development in the areas of, water supply, electricity and security 

As MP, he promised to work with his people and the government to achieve the objectives of the “New Directions”.