Eliminating rabies by 2030

18. 07. 02
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The National, Livestock and Animal Welfare, Rabies control Taskforce in collaboration with World Animal Protection are meeting Sierra Leone government Ministers of Health, Agriculture, Education and the Judiciary between 2nd – 6th July to come up with an action plan to implement the National Rabies Elimination Strategy launched in 2017 in Freetown.

 The strategy, developed by the taskforce and other civil society partners, focuses on eliminating rabies and the adoption of wholistic dog population management in Sierra Leone by 2030. On average, the country has an estimated 250,000 dogs most of which are free roaming.

In a meeting with the newly appointed Mayor, Her Worship Yvonne Aki Sawyerr, she said, “One of our key priorities at The Freetown Municipality is to make our city a key tourist destination in Africa given its potential. This will constitute managing the current dog population challenges in collaboration with the National Livestock and Animal Welfare Rabies control taskforce. We’d also like the capacity of key ministries built to efficiently tackle the issue and this is where organizations like World Animal Protection come in. This couldn’t have come at a better time.”

World Animal Protection has been working with the NLAWRCT since 2014 to come up with the National Rabies Elimination Strategy that was successfully completed in 2017. Globally, the organization finds the most effective ways to protect animals in communities by working with governments to manage dog populations humanely and to vaccinate against rabies, instead of culling dogs.

“We are pleased about our partnership with the taskforce and what we’ve been able to achieve thus far. It gives us hope that it is indeed possible to eliminate rabies.  Our organization works with governments to establish humane

sustainable dog population solutions through promoting rabies vaccinations and advocating for education in communities and schools on rabies and responsible dog ownership,” Tennyson Williams, Country Director, World Animal Protection Africa.

About World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is an international animal welfare organization, active in more than 50 countries globally. We move the world to protect animals with a vision of “A world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering” From our global offices we work with local partner organizations, animal welfare organizations, corporates, businesses and governments to help people to find practical ways to prevent animal suffering.  We also have formal relationships with international bodies including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Africa Union (AU) among others. We seek national and international policy change to improve the lives of millions of animals, because animal protection is a fundamental part of our sustainable future.

We work across four thematic areas; Animals in Communities, Animals in Disasters, Animals in Disasters and Animals in the Wild. The programs within these thematic areas are delivered through our Theory of Change which encompasses

1) Lobbying and Advocacy – Working with governments to influence policy change the ensure animals have a life worth living

2) Education and Mobilization – Sensitization of the general public on the importance of animal welfare to animals and humans.

3) Catalyzing Sustainable solutions – Up scaling local solutions that improves the welfare of animals

From our African offices in Nairobi, Kenya we work with other stakeholders to educate people through the media, public forums and trainings to create a firm understanding on the need to protect animals across the continent. We work with African governments to formulate animal welfare policies and legislation to hold industry, institutions and their citizens accountable to the wellbeing of animals.

For more information or interview please contact Lucy Wanjiku, Head of Communications - World Animal Protection, Africa on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call +254 722616691