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Momoh Konte Takes Over NATCOM PDF Print E-mail
Written by UPDATE Newspaper   
Monday, 26 January 2015 18:35

President Ernest Bai Koroma last Friday appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Transtech International, Momoh Kemoh Konte, as the new Chairman of the country’s telecommunications industry, the National Telecommunications Communications.

Along with him, Mr. Mohamed N’fah-Alie Conteh has also been appointed as Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission, subject to parliamentary approval.

Another nominee is Justice Valesius Thomas to act as Chief Justice starting 6 February 2015 when the current Chief Justice Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh proceeds to leave to retirement in accordance with the provisions of section 136 (1) (b) of the constitution of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Konte replaces Mr. Tom Obaleh Kargbo who has served that place for one year. Mr. Nfa Conteh replaces Dr. Christiana Thorpe who has served that Commission for two terms. President Koroma also removed all Commissioners at NATCOM.

Momoh Konte holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Toledo, Ohio, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics in Howard University, Washington DC and a Certificate in Investment Banking and the Stocking Market, Penn Jersey Executive Session, Philadelphia, USA.

The business guru is a member in several institutions including the Society for the Advance of Management, American Society for Public Policy and World Internet Society.   He also served as lead consultant for the privatization of SIERRATEL.

Mr. Konte worked at the MCI, a renowned technology business plan in Baltimore, Maryland. He served as consultant to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council in Washington DC and also as Consultant to the SPECTRONICS Corps in Atlanta, Georgia.

His Company Transtech International operates in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and the United States of America.

Mr. Konte will always be remembered for his valuable contributions in the education sector, where he constructed four classrooms building each at Feredugu, Heremakonor and Kabala town respectively, all equipped with furniture and teaching materials; and the awarding of scholarships to vulnerable pupils in that part of the country.

In 2013 alone he awarded 30 million leones scholarships to pupils of the Kabala Secondary School and the Catholic Mission in the district.

He is also remembered by the Muslims for rehabilitating the central Mosque in Kabala town, where he is presently constructing a clock tower in the heart of the township.   

 Finally, his huge role in eradicating the deadly Ebola virus in his district cannot be overemphasized.  All nominees will face Parliamentary scrutiny before they can resume their respective positions.



2016 Global Peace Conference to be held in Freetown---as IPRA 50th Birthday confab ends in Istanbul


The 26th biennal conference of the Internatonal Peace Research Association (IPRA) is billed to take place in  Freetown, Sierra Leone in November 2016, marking the second time Africa has hosted the conference since the founding of IPRA in 1964. This was announced following the re-election of  the two IPRA Secretaries-general, Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (pictured) and Dr Nesrin Kenar, who co-ordinated the 25th  IPRA conference in Turkey,  at the organisation’s administrative meeting on August 14 during the 25th  IPRA  conference in Istanbul  to serve a second term of two years.


Business News

President Koroma Assures Income Tax Appellate Board

President Ernest Bai Koroma Tuesday 15th September 2015 assured the Chairman and Commissioners of the Income Tax Appellate Board of government’s continued support to ensure that work plan that has been set aside by the board is fully implemented. The President gave the assurance during a courtesy call on him by the Chairman James Momodu Fornah-Sesay and staff of the Board.

Congratulating the newly appointed Chairman, President Koroma said that the Board is coming in with a momentum that has already been shown by the Public Relations Office of the Board, through its outreach and communications campaign efforts.

He encouraged the Chairman and team to sustain the momentum by keeping the public abreast about the works of the Board and its role in the development index of the country, so that it will be remembered that it was during their tenure that the Income Tax Appellate Board became functional.


Media News

Suspension of Monologue Program and Democrat Newspaper by IMC

Following the Press Release issued by the Independent Media Commission (IMC) suspending the “Monologue program” broadcast on Citizen Radio and Eagle FM, and also The Democrat Newspaper, the executive of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) notes that the Press Release did not state any provisions in the IMC Act under which they took the decision ‘to suspend while investigating’ the Monologue program.

SLAJ frowns at this decision and is concerned that such procedure is an inappropriate precedent, which must not be condoned.

SLAJ therefore calls for a reversal of this decision forthwith and for the IMC to proceed speedily with a proper investigation.



A Common Strategy for a Common Enemy: Partnership is key

The fight against corruption is a war. It is a battle against an enemy that is a serious force to reckon with. Corruption is not only an enemy to its victims but also to its perpetrators. Corruption affects both the public and those who practice it.  As such, it is only a common strategy such as partnership that will effectively overcome it.                

Partnership against corruption encapsulates the basic principles of collaboration; cooperation and collective action. It is the art of networking and coordinating concerted efforts geared toward the accomplishment of one purpose. In essence, the call for partnership in the fight against corruption is an attestation to the fact that, as Helen Keller puts it: “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” The strategy of partnership also reinforces the old saying by John Heywood that: “Many hands make light work.” An astute summation of the importance of effective partnership against corruption was recently rekindled by the Honorable Justice Reginald S. Fynn, Justice of the Appeal Court of Sierra Leone,  who was  until two weeks ago Director of Investigations and Prosecutions at the Anti-Corruption Commission, when he reiterated that:” The responsibility of fighting corruption is not one man’s business. It is all our business.”


View Point


As I used to say, many of us do not really want to talk or write much about politics at this point in time because politics is not the only suitable topic to discuss on our radio programs or write about.  Particularly some of us who always thinking about how to keep our country safe from the hands of hooligan armed robbers, rape to kill Sierra Leoneans, vandals and  barbarianpoliticians who think violence or war is a culture to them at the expense of  the poor and defenceless masses.

In view of that there are lots of issuesin the country that need heavy publicity for the progress and development of the nation other than political issues. Issues like how to educate our people on how to keep their environments clean, how to educate the youths not to allow politicians to misuse them, how business people or traders should learnto service their customers with the principle of first come first service, butnot the opposition.

How he or she should learn to wait for her turn regardless of her big title. How to educate the masseswhy they should put on seat belts when sitting in a car. Why they should be care takers or watchdogs for government properties. Why theyshould report to the appropriate authorities for any damaged government property by individual or group and why they should also report any security threats in the country. Why the authorities concerned should not neglect or disregard any report, especially on security issuesand why maintenance culture is very important, especially on government properties, including buildings, vehicles, roads streets and why it is necessary to put mobile dustbins along the streets and also why the building of public toilets all over the country is important. And above all, why they should learn to forgive and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


News - Press Release


Sierra Leone's Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, H.E. Ambassador Omrie Michael Golley, on Monday 14th September 2015 met and held discussions with Korea's Minister for Oceans and Fisheries, The Hon Kijune Yoo at the Government Administrative Complex at Sejong City, near Seoul, the South Korean Capital.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is a cabinet level division of the Government of South Korea and covers a variety of maritime and fisheries affairs including ports, shipping, logistics and fisheries. The Ministry has in recent times been actively pursuing cooperation projects with developing countries around the world, by tapping into Korea’s infrastructure, construction and information technologies.

Welcoming Ambassador Golley to his Ministry, Minister Yoo indicated that Korea shared the Ambassador's desire for close bilateral cooperation in the maritime and fisheries sector between the two countries, and highlighted a number of projects that the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries had already concluded with other countries including overseas port development, fisheries protection, and maritime education.


Society -Local News

Dr. Kandeh Yumkella’s membership findings released & SLPP Scribe Reacts

The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has released findings of it's investigations on the membership of leadership aspirant Kandeh Yumkella and the result is not encouraging for the former United Nations man.

This also means he will follow suit of Mohamed Kamarainba of the United Democratic Party who was thrown out of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party forcing him to form his own political party.

 Yumkella’s membership has been denied by the investigating team and that means he is disqualified from contesting for the leadership of the party ahead of the 2018 Presidential and General elections

But the SLPP national Secretary, Sulaiman Banja Tenja-Sie reacts



“A dignified Childhood is about getting the best possible start in life” -Deputy Health Minister, Madina Rahman

Freetown, Sept. 11, 015 (MOHS) - Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister II has told the National Children’s Summit in Freetown that learning and development of children to their full potential is a dignified approach for the start in life.

Addressing the Forum at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown on Thursday September 10, 2015 on the theme: “:Children’s Vision- A child Centred Development Agenda 2015-2030” Nothing about us, Without us, Madam Rahman reiterated that the best possible life for a dignified childhood is surviving, thriving, being safe, healthy and protected, well fed, going to school and learning and developing to full potential. Every child she said must have the protection and support of a loving and caring family, adding that children who end up on the streets are having their childhood dignity taken away from them.

The Deputy Minister told her audience that as a nation, they all have the responsibility to help vulnerable children by giving them their rights to live and grow with dignity. She encouraged parents to learn and support children in the process of self-reliance, noting that the family is the foundation of cultural values and best practices which allows the children to grow up in dignity and develop into self-reliant adults.



Vice President Foh Speaks On Supreme Court Verdict

The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on Wednesday 9th September ruled that the President of Sierra Leone has the power under the 1991 constitution to remove the country’s Vice President.

In the ruling, the Supreme Court stated amongst other things that, the President has powers to remove his Vice under section 40 since the requirement on section 41 is continuous. The provisions in section 55 of the 1991 Constitution, the court  said, are by implication modified by the provisions in sec 54 (5).

This verdict came following the sacking of former Vice President Sam Sumana in March of this year, after the governing All People's Congress had earlier expelled him following accusations of fuelling violence, and trying to form a breakaway party in his home district of Kono, amongst others.

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