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Momoh Konte Takes Over NATCOM PDF Print E-mail
Written by UPDATE Newspaper   
Monday, 26 January 2015 18:35

President Ernest Bai Koroma last Friday appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Transtech International, Momoh Kemoh Konte, as the new Chairman of the country’s telecommunications industry, the National Telecommunications Communications.

Along with him, Mr. Mohamed N’fah-Alie Conteh has also been appointed as Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission, subject to parliamentary approval.

Another nominee is Justice Valesius Thomas to act as Chief Justice starting 6 February 2015 when the current Chief Justice Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh proceeds to leave to retirement in accordance with the provisions of section 136 (1) (b) of the constitution of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Konte replaces Mr. Tom Obaleh Kargbo who has served that place for one year. Mr. Nfa Conteh replaces Dr. Christiana Thorpe who has served that Commission for two terms. President Koroma also removed all Commissioners at NATCOM.

Momoh Konte holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Toledo, Ohio, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics in Howard University, Washington DC and a Certificate in Investment Banking and the Stocking Market, Penn Jersey Executive Session, Philadelphia, USA.

The business guru is a member in several institutions including the Society for the Advance of Management, American Society for Public Policy and World Internet Society.   He also served as lead consultant for the privatization of SIERRATEL.

Mr. Konte worked at the MCI, a renowned technology business plan in Baltimore, Maryland. He served as consultant to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council in Washington DC and also as Consultant to the SPECTRONICS Corps in Atlanta, Georgia.

His Company Transtech International operates in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and the United States of America.

Mr. Konte will always be remembered for his valuable contributions in the education sector, where he constructed four classrooms building each at Feredugu, Heremakonor and Kabala town respectively, all equipped with furniture and teaching materials; and the awarding of scholarships to vulnerable pupils in that part of the country.

In 2013 alone he awarded 30 million leones scholarships to pupils of the Kabala Secondary School and the Catholic Mission in the district.

He is also remembered by the Muslims for rehabilitating the central Mosque in Kabala town, where he is presently constructing a clock tower in the heart of the township.   

 Finally, his huge role in eradicating the deadly Ebola virus in his district cannot be overemphasized.  All nominees will face Parliamentary scrutiny before they can resume their respective positions.



2016 Global Peace Conference to be held in Freetown---as IPRA 50th Birthday confab ends in Istanbul


The 26th biennal conference of the Internatonal Peace Research Association (IPRA) is billed to take place in  Freetown, Sierra Leone in November 2016, marking the second time Africa has hosted the conference since the founding of IPRA in 1964. This was announced following the re-election of  the two IPRA Secretaries-general, Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (pictured) and Dr Nesrin Kenar, who co-ordinated the 25th  IPRA conference in Turkey,  at the organisation’s administrative meeting on August 14 during the 25th  IPRA  conference in Istanbul  to serve a second term of two years.


Business News

Standard Chartered Bank Thieves Exposed

As trial continue on the conspiracy matter of four former staffs of Standard Chartered Bank, the sitting judge, Justice Abdulai Charm, has re-discharged the first defendant Madam Aminata Bangura.

The four defendants were arraigned before him for proper trial after found guilty on preliminary investigations in the magistrate court on two counts charges of conspiracy to commit felony and larceny by servant contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The prosecution alleged in count one that some times last year, the defendants conspired with other persons unknown to commit a felony.


Media News

ACC Romances with Guild of Editors

In a bid to maintain the relationship between the two institutions, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), has organized a one-day seminar for the Guild of Editors on the theme, “strengthening   partnership with the media on the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.”

  Speaking at the opening ceremony held at the Hill Valley Hotel, at Signal Hill, in Freetown, ACC deputy commissioner, Shollay Davies, who doubled as the chairman of the program, said corruption is an epidemic that is responsible for the low standard of living of the people of Sierra Leone.

  He also stated that the reason why they are partnering with the media is because they believe that media reports will provide valuable link to identifying corrupt cases.



Salary Increase Nah Salone!

Yesterday’s press release from the ministry of finance about the 15 percent salary increase for all public workers came on a low key, with little meaning.

  Last December, when the finance minister made the pronouncement about the pay raise starting this July, older workers just grunted because more than half of whatever government promises goes to the taxman, or is taken back by government.

  The worker, since when, has been a mere donkey in this country – that is if you’re working for the government; and if you’re working for the private sector, apart from lacking job security, your lot is almost like that of a slave, without the power for you to protest about your rights. Those who dare protest have the ministry of labour and labour unions abandoning them midstream, or the trigger-happy police wounding or silencing some.


View Point

Maada Bio: ‘Paopa Salone For Betteh’?

When Spartacus set out on his campaign against the Roman Empire, many thought his excursion won’t last for a fortnight because of the ruthless discipline that characterized Roman warfare.

  True, the Romans were the finest soldiers the world has ever seen, and their centuries of dominance is a testament to that fact. Spartacus too learned this hard fact when he finally hung on a cross on the Appian Highway after years of fighting against the mighty Roman war machine.

  Spartacus, a slave, made a dash for freedom, along with thousands of other slaves, but sadly fell short of his goal. No problem – it was left with history to proclaim him a villain or a hero for his infamous undertaking, and we never knew whether he regretted about his failed exploits as he hung dying on a Roman cross.


News - Press Release

New project to boost fair sentencing and reduce detentions

Freetown: 2 July 2015: The Acting Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Hon Justice Valesius Thomas has today launched a two year project aimed at developing sentencing and bail policies and guidelines at the Bank of Sierra Leone Complex, Kingtom in Freetown. The project is undertaken in collaboration with the UN Development Programme (UNDP), and funded by the US Department of State with the aim of reducing the number of people detained before trial, and reducing overcrowding in prisons.

The U.S. Ambassador to Sierra Leone, John Hoover, who joined the Acting Chief Justice and the UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. David McLachlan-Karr at the workshop to launch the two year project said “The United States is pleased to support and help build more transparent and accountable governance institutions,” adding that “This programme will help Sierra Leone’s justice system become more transparent, efficient, and fair. As such, it will contribute to the development of rule of law and democracy in Sierra Leone.”

The new bail instruments will involve the creation of guidelines and policies for magistrates and judges regarding when defendants should be detained before trial. The instruments, which are to be rolled out in 2016, will help ensure consistent sentencing across the country, so that justice will be the same everywhere in the country. It will also help make sure people are incarcerated only when absolutely necessary, by providing a clear, consistent set of procedures for all Sierra Leone’s magistrates and judges.


Society -Local News


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has just concluded a massive awareness creation on the Grievance Redress Mechanism, set up to address corruption related issues within the Social Safety Net (SSN); a scheme created to alleviate poverty within selected chiefdoms in the country.

These engagements took place in six chiefdoms benefiting from the project, which are Magbaimba Ndorhahun and Tambakha chiefdoms, from the Bombali District; Toli and Mafindor chiefdoms, in the Kono district, as well as Kowa and Timdale chiefdoms, of the Moyamba District.

Dilating on practical ways of detecting corruption, not only within the SNN but also in other sectors of society, ACC Deputy Director, Public Education and Outreach Patrick Sandi said the Commission was established to tackle corruption in every facet of society.



Six (6) Man Chinese Technical Team depart for Freetown ahead of arrival of 100 buses July 8

With 100 buses purchased in China by the Government of Sierra Leone slated to arrive the shores of Sierra Leone July 8, a six man technical team will be leaving China on the 4th July for Freetown to receive and handover the said buses to Government through the Sierra Leone Roads Transport Cooperation, and also undertake a training program for staff of SLRTC.

According to Chen Hongli, Senior Project Manager, Africa Department, Poly Technologolies, Inc, the period of stay for the team will depend on the working progress, but “however, the team will last at least one month”

In 2014, the Government of Sierra Leone (Ministry of Transport and Aviation) and Poly Group Corporation signed a contract for the supply of the said Buses.




The Parliament of Sierra Leone on the 02nd July, 2015, after a marathon debate has unanimously ratified a Government Motion on the AU Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, dated 11th July, 2003.

In presenting the Protocol to the House, prior to ratification (while both lower and upper galleries in the Chamber were filled to capacity with concerned women), the Minister for Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Mr. Moijueh Kaikai, said that Sierra Leone is yet to ratify the Protocol since it was signed on the 11th July, 2003, 12 years ago.

He furthered that most of the Articles in the Protocol are provided for in the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, and are also contained in the policies and programmes of the Agenda for Prosperity (AfP), like Pillars 6 and 8.

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