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Thetorchlight: Online news source on Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone: News reports on Sierra Leone from African sources.

Awareness Times: Major newspaper operated from inside Sierra Leone.

Awoko: Daily newspaper.

Cocorioko: Newspaper published in Somerset, New Jersey.

Concord Times: Freetown based online newspaper.

Cotton Tree News: News site of Sierra Leone broadcaster.

Exclusive: Freetown daily.

Globe: Fortnightly newspaper published in Sierra Leone, and in the UK.

IRIN News - Sierra Leone: by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN).

New Citizen: Daily newspaper in Freetown.

Kalleone: Entertainment and sports newspaper.

New People: Online newspaper from the US.

Newstime Africa: UK based online newspaper.

Official Website of Sierra Leone President: Government news and info.

Peep: Independent Sierra Leone's satirical newspaper.

Sierra Express Media: Online news source featuring Sierra Leonean current events, entertainment, and sport.

Standard Times Press: Major Sierra Leone newspaper from Freetown.

Patriotic Vanguard: Canada-based Sierra Leone news portal.



Digital Learning worlds and Boundless Communication

The Internet has long since become an essential part of everyday life for students, researchers and academics, who after all were among the first to take advantage of the opportunities the technology offers for boundless communication.  These days it is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet, and hardly any area of society remains unaffected by the global network; teaching (virtual teaching) and research are also changing thanks to the opportunities of virtual communication.  In the main feature of this article, I will be taking a look at the new digital learning worlds: a great deal is happening in all higher education, and people are engaged in a lively discussion about the consequences of educational offerings that are available anytime and anywhere, and about the new opportunities offered by the Internet when it comes to academic exchange and the democratization of knowledge.


Business News

Finance ministry holds seminar for local councils

Bo, July 15 (SLENA) - The Public Financial Management Reform Unit (PFMRU) in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) has started a two day seminar on the quality and timeliness of in- year report for devolved sector heads and finance officers of Local Councils at the J&E Resort in Bo.

According to Report in 2012, PFMRU in collaboration with key stakeholders including Audit Service Sierra Leone introduced the International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS), a cash basis reporting to all councils for the production of financial statement.


Media News

TRIBUTE: Haja Khadija Savage: The passing of a colleague journalist

Today, I am writing a tribute with tears in my eyes and a great sadness in my heart for a dedicated, humble and great journalist who has great respect for elders and colleagues in the field of journalism and Islam in particular.

Her passing is a great lose to the journalism profession in Sierra Leone and to her Islamic brothers and sisters who have had the fortunate opportunity of sharing this great woman’s knowledge and time.

Haja Khadija Savage has left this world for eternity, however, I believe her soul is still with us, and for me, memory of her still lingers in my mind.

In her life, Khadija, as she was known by her numerous comrades, admirers and friends lived a life of piety, wisdom and knowledge. She was a great respecter of people, including the young and old.



The Fight against Corruption Should be the Business of all Sierra Leoneans

The fight against corruption the world over has never been an easy task; it has always been a challenging one especially in Africa where many governments continue to frown on the concept of transparency and accountability which enable the citizenries to hold their authorities accountable for their actions.

And when governments deliberately refuse to open up their day-to-day activities to their citizenries, there is the likelihood that such governments would involve in corrupt practices and their citizenries could not hold them accountable since their authorities are running closed governments.


View Point


In an editorial piece of Awareness Times of 16th July 2014, the newspaper praised the alacrity of Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio in the manner he reacted to the ebola outbreak. The editorial piece particularly commended Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio for his solidarity message in which the former Head of State called on Sierra Leoneans to join the government’s campaign against the deadly Ebola virus. But it was not only about the solidarity message; the Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio also used the 2nd June 2014 Press Release to express his sadness for the loss of lives of his country men and women whilst at the same time called on development partners to come swiftly to the aid of our country in dealing with the fatal outbreak.

Therefore, if the Awareness Times newspaper needed any more assurance that a Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio Presidency for our country will be one of national cohesion, showing concern for fellow compatriots and above all a presidency which will be proactive in addressing a national tragedy then the content of that Press Release and the swiftness of his response to the ebola outbreak is one amongst many of the evidences abound. As such in my view it will be utterly retrogressive for our country that if the delegates of the SLPP elect Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio as their Presidential Candidate and there is another attempt to ROB SLPP off election victory and deprive the majority of suffering Sierra Leoneans their legitimate choice of Presidency through a free and fair democratic elections in 2017/18.


News - Press Release


Following Sea Web’s announcement of Victor Hamusa Kargbo, Fisheries Officer and Head of the Joint Maritime Committee, as one of nine winners of the 2012 Seafood Champions Awards at the 10th International Seafood Summit in Hong Kong, the International Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Network based in the USA has also recognized him for successfully going through its 2014 Stop Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing IUU Award Contest.

 SeaWeb is the only international, nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to strategically communicating about ocean issues. They transform knowledge into action by shining a spotlight on workable, science-based solutions to the most serious threats facing the ocean, such as climate change, pollution and depletion of marine life.


Society -Local News

Sierra Leone OGI/OGP Attends OK festival in Germany

As a constant promoter of openess and good governance in Sierra Leone,the Open Government Initiative is leading a team of officials from the private sector,civil society and media to attend the OK festival in Berlin Germany.

The OK festival is a global,inclusive and participatory open data and open knowledge event organized by Open Community world wide.Over 1.000 people from over 60 countries including Sierra Leone will share experiences on open data processes and encourage participants to network  in promoting the power of openess,transparency and accountability as a positive force for change.



Moyamba district council to account for Le191 million

Moyamba, July 16 (SLENA) - In a hearing carried out by the Parliamentary Committee on Transparency and Accountability which took place at the Moyamba District Council on compliance based on the Local Government Act of 2004 by probing the operation of councils in the country, the committee discovered that one hundred and ninety-one leones (Le191 million) was spent on the rehabilitations of 15 water wells in the district which the committee said was not commensurate to the maintenance cost of the said water wells.

The committee found out that the engineering department was unable to defend the amount for the first, second and third quarter of 2013 for the rehabilitation of the fifteen standard water wells for the Moyamba township and some villages in the district.




Parliament on Thursday 17th July 2014 overwhelmingly   approved the new Minister of Energy – Ambassador Henry Olufemi Macauley, his Deputy 2 – Alhaji Hassan Barrie and others to make tremendous and meaningful contributions to Sierra Leone.

Mr. Macauley was recently a High Commissioner to Nigeria with accreditations to the Republics of Angola, Benin, Cameroun, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and ECOWAS. He has a significant experience in corporate business development and International trade in the West African sub-region.

“I count myself lucky to have been given another opportunity after the ambassadorial position by President Koroma to serve my country in a different capacity” were the careful words of the new Minister.

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