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Thetorchlight: Online news source on Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone: News reports on Sierra Leone from African sources.

Awareness Times: Major newspaper operated from inside Sierra Leone.

Awoko: Daily newspaper.

Cocorioko: Newspaper published in Somerset, New Jersey.

Concord Times: Freetown based online newspaper.

Cotton Tree News: News site of Sierra Leone broadcaster.

Exclusive: Freetown daily.

Globe: Fortnightly newspaper published in Sierra Leone, and in the UK.

IRIN News - Sierra Leone: by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN).

New Citizen: Daily newspaper in Freetown.

Kalleone: Entertainment and sports newspaper.

New People: Online newspaper from the US.

Newstime Africa: UK based online newspaper.

Official Website of Sierra Leone President: Government news and info.

Peep: Independent Sierra Leone's satirical newspaper.

Sierra Express Media: Online news source featuring Sierra Leonean current events, entertainment, and sport.

Standard Times Press: Major Sierra Leone newspaper from Freetown.

Patriotic Vanguard: Canada-based Sierra Leone news portal.




Some of the articles being written by Sierra Leoneans on this Ebola disaster are very unfortunate, especially coming from people you would want to  call "educated" , because of the letters behind their names ( Though we know that paper qualifications and education are two different things ). The writers are not expressing any sensitivity to the suffering of our people. This Ebola issue is becoming a political theatre for callous and godless  people to expatiate their political proclivities. It is a shame, but also, it is tragic.

I continue to share the grief and sorrow of all citizens hailing from   Kailahun. May God intervene once again and deliver the region from evil. They are a hardworking, progressive and productive people. They provide a very significant amount of the food products and cash crops that help to feed our nation and also bring in hard-earned foreign exchange and revenue. They have also provided some of the brightest minds  in the nation, people who have contributed immensely to the development of the nation. They are very good and progressive citizens, as well as being among the most peaceful and law-abiding people  in the country.

However, because they live by Sierra Leone's borders with Liberia and Guinea, the inhabitants of Kailahun are vulnerable to many dangers. If there is war or an outbreak of any pestilence or deadly disease in our neighbouring countries, they will suffer first, given the heavy volume of cross-border  traffic, cross-border human interactions and trade between them and the people of Liberia and Guinea  . In all African countries, people who live by the borders take the brunt of unfortunate spillovers of wars, transnational crime and sicknesses from the other side. We have seen it in Central and Southern Africa. We have seen it in East and North Africa. The rebel war and the ongoing Ebola plague hit Kailahun first because of her location on our borders with Liberia and Guinea . Nobody deliberately planted the Ebola virus in their midst.


Business News

Sierra Rutile donates one billion Leones to GOSL to combat Ebola in Sierra Leone

On Tuesday 19 August, Sierra Rutile and its major shareholder Pala Investments donated one billion Leones to help Sierra Leone in its fight against Ebola.  The cheque was presented to the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma by Sierra Rutile’s CEO John Bonoh Sisay, Non-Executive Director of Sierra Rutile, Alex Kamara and Mike Brown, the Managing Director of Pala Investments. 

Speaking on behalf of Sierra Rutile, John Sisay said: “We recognise the severity of the ongoing Ebola epidemic and hope that our contribution will strengthen Sierra Leone’s efforts to beat this disease.  The crisis has affected the lives and livelihood of many Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leonean businesses and we will continue to feel the socio-economic repercussions well after the virus has been contained.  We make this donation as a gesture of good faith and also to show how deeply concerned we are by the impact of this disease on our country.”


Media News


 19 August 2014, Freetown: The Parliamentary Press Gallery Executive which was elected into office on 18 August 2012 to run the affairs of members has formally come to an end.

   President, Elias Bangura, on behalf of the outgoing executive, thanked members for the confidence reposed in them to run the affairs of the Gallery, a task which they carried out to the best of their ability: the successes registered were only possible through the commitment and cooperation of members, including the Office of the Clerk of Parliament, and Members of Parliament.



Tink Salone, think again

I had told you to close the borders with Guinea. I had told you to ‘put boots on the ground to man all official and unofficial crossing points’. I had told you following the outbreak of Ebola in that country in February, but you ignored my advice. Now look at the crisis we have in our hands. Had you listened to my advice we would not be grappling with this crisis.

Now, I am offering new pieces of advice, please take them seriously.  This is the emotion-evoking message Tink Salone is strenuously trying to send out to the government in its most recent press statement.


View Point

The Muslim’s Stance against the Ebola Epidemic

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

Indeed all praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek His assistance, we seek forgiveness from Him, and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our own selves and the evils of our actions. Whoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whoever He leads astray, none can guide. And I bear witness that none is worth of worship except Allah who has no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.

The most truthful word is the book of Allah, and the best guidance is that of Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The worst things are the innovated ones (those that are not in accordance with the practice of Mohammad and his companions) and all innovations lead to astray and all astray lead to the hell fire.


News - Press Release

  • Total Survived and Released Patients  =  244
  • New Confirmed cases  =[  30, as follows:

  Kailahun = 5, Kenema = 4, Kono = 0

  Bombali = 12, Kambia = 0 Koinadugu = 0, Port Loko = 5, Tonkolili = 0

  Bo = 0, Bonthe = 0, Moyamba = 0, Pujehun = 0

  Western Area Urban = 3, Western Area Rural = 1

  • Cumulative confirmed deaths = 377
  • Cumulative confirmed cases = 1,018, as follows:

      Kailahun = 453, Kenema = 336, Kono =1

           Bombali =35, Kambia =1, Koinadugu =0, Port Loko =62, Tonkolili = 14

           Bo = 35, Bonthe = 1, Moyamba = 9, Pujehun = 7

          Western Urban = 40, Western Rural = 24

  • Probable cases = 37
  • Probable deaths = 37
  • Suspected cases = 62
  • Suspected deaths = 11

Society -Local News


Your Excellency Sir,

This is indeed another very sombre epoch in the history of our beloved country which we all keep crying that our good and merciful LORD intervenes in His might to rid this nation of. In this piece I shall endeavour to deliberate on what I shall consider disjointed and misguided signals in this sub regional fight against Ebola; especially our Sierra Leonean anomalies and aberration.

 The Minister of Health, about two weeks ago seemed to have realized her and the government’s mistakes in our initial response to this outbreak. The sensitization efforts were beefed up in all the media and through various governmental actors, NGOs, youth and community based outlets. And after the death of Dr. Khan, his assistant and many health workers, a frenzied clarion call was made to the WHO and the international community to hasten to our aid.



ENCISS gets extension

The ENCISS programme has been granted a four-month extension to continue the programme’s valuable work in promoting good governance Sierra Leone.

Civil society groups have welcomed this news on the extension for ENCISS, which is funded by UK aid from the UK Government, and by the European Union, and is managed by the NGO, Christian Aid.

Since the programme’s third phase began in October 2010, ENCISS has worked with civil society groups and local councils to enhance interaction between society and the state.




The Office of the Clerk of Parliament wishes to acknowledge Government’s release of the Constituency Development Fund to finance activities to enable Members of Parliament perform the leadership role at the constituency level in line with His Excellency the President’s directive in the State of Public Emergency proclaimed on 30th July, 2014.

A recent statement from the Leadership of Parliament expressed concern at the slow pace of international response to this crisis and gratitude to those partners who have offered their support. It called on all persons, institutions and communities to cooperate with public health authorities in fighting the outbreak.  A few days ago, Parliament also passed the Public Health Amendment Act, 2014 to allow for enforcement of new public health regulations.

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