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Thetorchlight: Online news source on Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone: News reports on Sierra Leone from African sources.

Awareness Times: Major newspaper operated from inside Sierra Leone.

Awoko: Daily newspaper.

Cocorioko: Newspaper published in Somerset, New Jersey.

Concord Times: Freetown based online newspaper.

Cotton Tree News: News site of Sierra Leone broadcaster.

Exclusive: Freetown daily.

Globe: Fortnightly newspaper published in Sierra Leone, and in the UK.

IRIN News - Sierra Leone: by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN).

New Citizen: Daily newspaper in Freetown.

Kalleone: Entertainment and sports newspaper.

New People: Online newspaper from the US.

Newstime Africa: UK based online newspaper.

Official Website of Sierra Leone President: Government news and info.

Peep: Independent Sierra Leone's satirical newspaper.

Sierra Express Media: Online news source featuring Sierra Leonean current events, entertainment, and sport.

Standard Times Press: Major Sierra Leone newspaper from Freetown.

Patriotic Vanguard: Canada-based Sierra Leone news portal.




Some of the articles being written by Sierra Leoneans on this Ebola disaster are very unfortunate, especially coming from people you would want to  call "educated" , because of the letters behind their names ( Though we know that paper qualifications and education are two different things ). The writers are not expressing any sensitivity to the suffering of our people. This Ebola issue is becoming a political theatre for callous and godless  people to expatiate their political proclivities. It is a shame, but also, it is tragic.

I continue to share the grief and sorrow of all citizens hailing from   Kailahun. May God intervene once again and deliver the region from evil. They are a hardworking, progressive and productive people. They provide a very significant amount of the food products and cash crops that help to feed our nation and also bring in hard-earned foreign exchange and revenue. They have also provided some of the brightest minds  in the nation, people who have contributed immensely to the development of the nation. They are very good and progressive citizens, as well as being among the most peaceful and law-abiding people  in the country.

However, because they live by Sierra Leone's borders with Liberia and Guinea, the inhabitants of Kailahun are vulnerable to many dangers. If there is war or an outbreak of any pestilence or deadly disease in our neighbouring countries, they will suffer first, given the heavy volume of cross-border  traffic, cross-border human interactions and trade between them and the people of Liberia and Guinea  . In all African countries, people who live by the borders take the brunt of unfortunate spillovers of wars, transnational crime and sicknesses from the other side. We have seen it in Central and Southern Africa. We have seen it in East and North Africa. The rebel war and the ongoing Ebola plague hit Kailahun first because of her location on our borders with Liberia and Guinea . Nobody deliberately planted the Ebola virus in their midst.


Business News

Sierra Rutile donates one billion Leones to GOSL to combat Ebola in Sierra Leone

On Tuesday 19 August, Sierra Rutile and its major shareholder Pala Investments donated one billion Leones to help Sierra Leone in its fight against Ebola.  The cheque was presented to the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma by Sierra Rutile’s CEO John Bonoh Sisay, Non-Executive Director of Sierra Rutile, Alex Kamara and Mike Brown, the Managing Director of Pala Investments. 

Speaking on behalf of Sierra Rutile, John Sisay said: “We recognise the severity of the ongoing Ebola epidemic and hope that our contribution will strengthen Sierra Leone’s efforts to beat this disease.  The crisis has affected the lives and livelihood of many Sierra Leoneans and Sierra Leonean businesses and we will continue to feel the socio-economic repercussions well after the virus has been contained.  We make this donation as a gesture of good faith and also to show how deeply concerned we are by the impact of this disease on our country.”


Media News


 19 August 2014, Freetown: The Parliamentary Press Gallery Executive which was elected into office on 18 August 2012 to run the affairs of members has formally come to an end.

   President, Elias Bangura, on behalf of the outgoing executive, thanked members for the confidence reposed in them to run the affairs of the Gallery, a task which they carried out to the best of their ability: the successes registered were only possible through the commitment and cooperation of members, including the Office of the Clerk of Parliament, and Members of Parliament.




 “No nation can ever witness a positive change in their situations until and unless its citizens are ready and willing for genuine and sincere change”- The Prophet of Islam {PBU}

“Ever generation has a mission. They may fulfill it and achieve its goal or betray it and face the consequences”-Frank Fanon

As the saying goes, TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED. While no PATRIOTIC CITIZEN is expected to relegate personal responsibility in addressing critical issues affecting the nation, any rational critique should also quickly take a holistic view in the context of the situation.  In this case, two practical scenarios will be quickly brought to the fore. Firstly, because it is an empirical fact that we cannot all in uncoordinated manners steer the State ship to a safe anchor either in joyful or pitiful moments, we entrust this sacred responsibility to a selected few that usually robustly asked for it and usually assured us of their WIILINGNESS, READINESS, CAPABILITY and CAPACITY to PROTECT AND SEEK THE GENERAL WELFARE OF ITS CITIZENS through periodic DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS. Secondly and inextricably linked to the first scenario (call it the execution of the first), as recent as 17th November 2012, President Koroma and team came literally begging the general populace reminding them about ACTION NOT INTENTION and wooed them to re-elect them in what was dubbed the 4-4-4 mantra promising “TO DO MORE”.  As the President and team expected, the people fulfilled their own part of the SOCIAL CONTRACT by re-electing “THE WORLD BEST AND HIS BRAZILIAN TEAM”; never mind the “ifs” and “buts” that accompanied the process and eventual outcome. Does any Sierra Leonean then resident in the country need any reminder about the then euphoric refrain of “DE PA DE WOK” especially along Abacha Street and Salad Grounds? Apparently, for whatever reason, that noisy refrain has fast waned over time; for whatever reason. Thus as the President himself aptly puts it in his recent declaration, “extra-ordinary challenges require extra-ordinary measures” and to add “desperate situations demand desperate timely actions”.


View Point

How to stop Ebola – and the next outbreak

For only the third time in its 66-year history, the World Health Organization has declared a global public health emergency. This time it is for the Ebola outbreak in the three West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. After their traumatic ordeal in recent months, governments and communities in those three countries are looking desperately for signs that Ebola can be stopped in its tracks.

As medical doctors who understand well both the continent of Africa and infectious disease control, weare confident that the Ebola virus disease response plan, led by both the countries and the World Health Organization, can contain this Ebola outbreak and, in a matter of months, extinguish it. Let’s also keep in mind that this is not an African problem, but a humanitarian one that happens to occur in a small part of Africa.


News - Press Release

Ebola outbreak update 18th August 2014

Ebola outbreak update:As of today, 18 August 2014, we have a total of 219 patients who have survived Ebola Virus Disease and subsequently discharged. The total number of new confirmed cases for today is 3, all from Kenema District.

No figures from the laboratory in Kailahun District

The total number of cumulative number of confirmed death is 305 and cumulative number of confirmed cases is 778 with Kailahun 401, Kenema 280; Kono 1; Kambia 1; Bombali 7; Tonkolili 2; Port Loko 28; Pujehun 3; Bo 24; Moyamba 6; Bonthe 1; Western Area Urban 20; Western Area Rural 4. As of today, Koinadugu district is the only district that has not registered confirmed cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone

The cumulative number of probable cases is 37 and probable deaths 34 while the total cumulative number of suspected cases is 35 and suspected deaths is 5


Society -Local News

Saudi Arabia to join in the fight against Ebola

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this week paid courtesy calls on two of Saudi Arabia’s influential men, particularly in the areas of youth, sports and humanitarian activities.
Alhaji M.S. Kargbo met with His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Bin Abdul Aziz. The Prince is the newly appointed General President of Youth Welfare, a rank of minister in Saudi Arabia. He is currently the co-chairman of the English football club, Sheffield United and have previously held the position of President of the famous Saudi Al-Hilal football club.

President Koroma’s envoy also met with Dr. Saleh bin Suleiman bin Abdurrahman Al-Wahaibi. The learned Doctor is the Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth - a virtuous educator who worked as Associate Professor in the department of Arabic Language Faculty of Arts at the prestigious King Saud University.



UN appeals for more help to Support Sierra Leone’s Ebola response

Freetown, 18 August 2014: The United Nations in Sierra Leone has said today that an additional $18 million is needed to bolster the Government of Sierra Leone’s efforts in halting the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).  The disease has now spread to 12 of 13 districts in the country with a cumulative total of more than 800 EVD cases and 350 deaths. 

The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone, David McLachlan-Karr said at a press conference in Freetown that this appeal is needed to enhance four main interventions: clinical management through the World Health Organization; social mobilization and awareness raising through UNICEF; surveillance and contact tracing of persons who may have come into contact with Ebola (UNFPA); and providing logistical support through the World Food Programme (WFP. 

“This appeal is to fill some gaps in the initial national response appeal of $ 26 million that was launched by the Sierra Leone Government in July,” the UN Chief in Sierra Leone said.



President Koroma Addresses Media on Ebola

As a way of keeping citizens abreast with government’s efforts in containing the Ebola epidemic, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday 15th August at State House addressed media practitioners comprising both local and international journalists, on the role of government since the outbreak of the disease in May this year.

The President started by informing journalists that government had hitherto being in a state of preparedness before the outbreak and as part of government’s responsibility the disease was announced immediately it was noticed in the country. Irrespective of early preparedness, President Koroma however pointed out obstacles that were initially faced in handling the virus which included fear, denials, and confrontations with health workers, ignorance and limited epicenter which he did not dissociate from limited available resources.

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